Back in 2013 this happened:

Last Monday I received this message: “I think we should both making this in real time together over skype. Wouldn’t that be fun?“. Can you follow? No? I couldn’t either.

– What in real time together? I’m confused^^
– like we both do it together…not take pictures of it that we both did it (not at the same time)
– But do what? haha
– MAKE the pie!! (Oh ok…so we were talking about a pie!! We’re getting closer…)
– I think I’m missing out on important information ^^
– OH crap I never copied the link hahaha

Ha. I knew there was one important point missing. And because I don’t want to be mean, that is the link that got forgotten about the excitement of actually making it: neverhomemaker’s Chocolate Lime Pie.

Seriously? This pie looked delicious! (Eventhough I’m a bit weirded out but the ingredients admittedly).

Here’s the point. The person I was writing with didn’t (she does now, Ha!) live in Germany. She didn’t even live in Europe come to say so. She lived in North America. Canada that is. Nine hours time difference to be absolutely accurate. But because we were both crazy enough (and we both love pie.) We set up a Skype date for 10pm Saturday her time and 7am Sunday my time.

Somehow this 7am didn’t really make it into my mind I’m simply horrible in math though and until the very moment I was looking at my computer watch (It’s still running on Canadian time) I didn’t realize it would be 7am for me. So at that point I was already dressed in my kitchen at 6(!)am. So I woke up a bit earlier than necessary but oh well.

You’ll have to click here for the recipe since it’s not mine…but it was sure a fun thing to do!!!


Happy Skypers we are!


And the cake was really really good…though I made a mental note to use silken tofu the next time. The normal tofu makes it a bit chunky looking….

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