This is a very dear recipe to me. It’s nothing fancy or elaborate but it reminds me of my childhood. Every year my mum would go and make a pot in spring, when the elderflowers would bloom. Somehow she managed to ration it over the whole year so for me, it always was around. The two times I made it myself later, the stuff was gone in two month….guess I’ll have to work on my rationing-skills 😉

It’s great as a summer lemonade, with water, winte or sparkling champagne (if you want to be fancy). I, simply, love it and hope that one day my own kids will have this as a memory of their childhood….muuuuuch in the future though!!! 😉


You’ll need for 5 liters:

  • 1 really large pot
  • 2 liters water
  • 7 natural lemons
  • 3kg white sugar
  • 1 package Vitamin C (powder)
  • 15-18 elder flowers (Those big bundles of them, not the separate teeny tiny flowers…quite logical.)
  1. In the large pot, mix together water and sugar. This is the most fun part of the whole recipe, at least for me. Because adding three kg of sugar to two liters of water is simply fun!
  2. Bring to a boil.
  3. Meanwhile stir occasionally (until the sugar is dissolved). Also, wash you lemons under warm water and cut into lots and lots of slices.
  4. When the sugar/water mixture boils (please be careful here! Similar to caramel, this will need longer to heat up because it will reach a higher temperature than the normal 100°C (which would be plain water)! This stuff is hot!) add the melons slices and the elder flowers.
  5. Bring to a boil again and than turn off the heat and put on the lid. You’re done with the first part!
  6. After one day, add your Vitamin C, by simply stirring it in.

Now, the whole things need to sit nice and cozy for another six days. Waiting. Ugh. Not my favourite part!


After a week in total, you’ll need:

  • containers to store your syrup
  • something to fill them with
  • boiling water
  1. Bring your mixture to a boil again.
  2. Meanwhile, boil some more water ind rinse all your containers/bottles/whatever you use (and the container lids!) with boiling water. Be careful again!
  3. There are different methods now: For once you could drain your whole syrup through a sieve before you start boiling it, and to make it perfect, through a kitchen towel afterwards. This will leave you with a 100% perfect and clear syrup. Also, you could simply leave it the way it is and just be careful not to get too many elder flowers into your bottle. I did this last year. I did the towel version the year before. This year however, I used a ‘spoon sieve‘ (not to fine) and simply removed as much as the sieve would do. I think I like this version the best because it’s fast easy and you can do it while you already started heating up the whole mess and simply forgot you wanted to remove something before you would have done the heating part. Ups. And it is actually quite clean!
  4. When the whole thing is boiling again, carefully fill them into your containers. Close them nice and tightly and you’re done!! For the filling process I normally use a large ladle and a funnel. Kitchen gloves for handling the hot containers!

And this will leave you with 5 litters of beautiful golden yellow elderflower syrup. Something to be jealous of! Go and make some memories 😉


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