I’m NOT a huge fan of lemon cake. Never have been. Never will probably. But this cake is an exception (well, that time I took pictures of it: Cupcake). It is moist, lemony but not too lemony, sweet but not sweet. It is right in every way you could imagine!

My mum organises craft-birthday-events for kids. That’s how we got the recipe. This one kid, Teoman, had a pirate birthday and his mum brought this cake shaped like a pirate ship. Seriously, if I wouldn’t doubt my pirate-ship-shape-abilities I would have made that for you instead of the cupcakes!

What you’ll have to do:



  • Beat together until fluffy: 250gr of butter and one big cup of sugar
  • Add 3 eegs



  • Add to the mixture: 1 package vanilla sugar, 1 package baking powder, 1 portion lemon flavour and a pinch of salt
  • Keep stirring with: 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of shredded almonds, 300gr sour cream



Bake for 40 – 45 minutes at 170°C.

The topping is a cream cheese frosting I just threw together. But I looked up an easy version which does pretty much what I did. The Link is this one.

Have fun shaping ;P or do it like me and find simple cute cupcake liners 😉


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