We’ve been in our new home for two weeks by now, and apart from my room (because I HATE when things are unfinished) everything else is still in the process of being built and placed and bought. It’s the first big apartment for M and me and so we’re lacking a lot of the furniture. But stuff will come. And I’m pretty sure before long I’ll swear about all the random stuff we’ll have accumulated.

Anyway. With moving and the possibility to redecorate somewhere new and all from the start I’ve been back to pinterest a lot more recently then the year before. And so it happened that I stumbled upon this Pin. I have been loving the concept to include wooden branches (or anything wooden and old for that matter) for quite a time so I had some branches on hand that could be used (Yes I do have stuff like that ‘on hand’. It required me walking out if the wood with three huge wooden branches three years ago…and using the train with them that is!). The only problem is: My new room mainly consists of roof slopes. And I’m not quite comfortable yet to hang stuff there (Which reminds me, I should look up interior design ideas for roof slopes on pinterest!). Also, the only place to hang branches (with the purpose to hold my jewelry) was already occupied by a standing branch. So I made do with what I had!

This is not really an unique idea, it’s more an inspiration in case you have random branches at home and are lacking ideas 😉

You’ll need: A wood drill (I still have mine from when we were kids and would use it to drill wholes in chestnuts to built little figures), a few screws (Mine are leftovers from IKEA stuff we bought) and wire.

The process itself really is easy. Depending on your branch shape, plan where you want the screws for necklaces or bracelets and the wire for earrings. Drill some wholes, insert the screws and tighten the wire. I’m the queen of DIY instructions. I know. This picture might give you a better idea though:

Oh and it comes in pretty handy when there is also a random branch poking out at just the right location to hold ll your rings. Just saying 😉

And that’s pretty much it. It is simple and quick and I love the outcome. I have been looking for a way to display all my jewelry in one place for some time and never really found something (I might have hammered quite some nails in stuff in the process…) but I think this is it! At least for the next year until I’m ready for a change 😉

Have fun getting creative with random branches from the forest!

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