One of my many flaws is that I always want too much. There don’t seem to be enough hours in the day for me to read all the books I want to and all the projects I want to accomplish. So I have the habit of keeping a huge amount of immaculate lists as to keep track of everything. Since this is sometimes getting a bit too much, and I had a crafts afternoon with my girls recently, I came up with this “Keep track” board.

I use it to track and plan my sport schedule but you could transform it to every other area as well. Chores for the family, your general schedule, learning lessons. Name it and it’s possible. And I got rid of some of the bottoms of the wood crates I had bought at IKEA but only needed the border-parts. Score!

So you mainly need a background (I used the bottom of IKEA wood crates), some cork (I bought a whole role, this one, but any cork product you can individualize works really), some paper and masking tape in the color of your choice.

I glued the cork board to the wood bottom and drew lines for the days of the month with a sharpie. I could have been a bit more organised on that part but I was in a just-do-it flow so I think for that, it turned out just fine 😉 For the chores, exercises or whatever you intend to use the board, I applied some masking tape to the paper, cut out the stripes and tore them into small pieces on which the different exercises went (CF for Crossfit, BLD for bouldern and WO for a normal home workout). I also fashioned a little flag to show what date we’re on. And the rest are a few stickers and more masking tape to let the whole thing look cute 😉

Those are the creates on which I didn’t apply the bottom boards by the way! I also applied a piece of chalk board foil to another wooden bottom and drew one of my favorite Gilmore Girls quotes on it (before I chose one my friends had to endure 15 minutes of squealing and several other Gilmore Girl quotes that nearly made it on the board. I’ll switch a lot). But I mean, what’s not to love about Gilmore Girls, right?!

Have fun keeping track of everything! 🙂

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