M was out this morning, well he is the whole day but anyway, and I was craaaaving pancakes. He and I, we have this thing. I like “American pancakes” and he likes the “German version”. To explain this, the pancakes I know from abroad are more fluffy, thicker and usually not as large as ours. Ours are pretty thin (if you make them super thin they become “Crêpes”, the French version) and more crispy.

So, with him being out and me in some desperate need for some me-time I made my favorite pancake-version for one. It’s amazing what a cozy single-pancake-breakfast with blueberries and maple syrup can do to you. The recipe, by the way, is this one from ashleyannphotography, try it out!

So here you go with a little random piece of information. And I’ll go and tackle some work, which has been horribly ignored during the last four weeks, with a coffee right next to me. Which is like the second coffee I had in five weeks so, boy is the caffeine kicking in right now!

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