I’ve always been big on plants. There were blog posts on my former blogs (jep, that’s a plural) of how to make little terrariums, plant magnets or on what is the best way to steal plants from your parents garden and include them in your room (back then I was still living with my mum). Though, as much as I loved plants, I wasn’t really good with them. I usually stole them from my mums garden because constantly buying new plants, as they were continually dying, would have gotten really costly.

Now, I don’t live at my mums anymore and I’m more grown and mature (at least I like to believe that) and I might even have gotten a bit better with plants. Well, not really but I know now which plants get along with me really and which don’t. It’s the kind that doesn’t really care how often it’s watered…or not. Anyway the point: I thought I’d give the whole plant-blog-post a new try!

So, recently M found an interesting tutorial on how to make self-sufficient terrariums. Apparently, once you close the lid air tight it’s like a little universe in there! And how amazing would that be? Something we both can’t kill!!!

So we gave the whole thing a try.

You’ll need:

  • a glass container of any kind and size but it has to close air-tight
  • sand
  • rocks
  • dirt or soil
  • tiny plants
  • charcoal
  • a few drops of water

There are several tutorials online and they all differ slightly on how to do this, so we figured it wouldn’t be that bad that we were missing some ingredients and only had fake glitter sand instead of real proper sand. At the end, we made two slightly different versions. M layered rocks first, then sand, then soil and then greens. I layered sand, rocks, burned matches (this was supposed to be my charcoal, we couldn’t find it in the stores close by and where too lazy to really make an effort, go figure), soil and greens. To finish it, you sprinkle a couple of water drops on it and then close the lid. Tadaaa!

Apparently we used a bit too much water because they fogged over pretty much immediately so we had to open them up again and let them dry out a bit. But now, four days later, they seem to do quite well!

I’m still skeptical because our plants are quite tall (it was harder then it looked to find small-enough plants…maybe we should have gone for succulents) but I’ll keep you updated. Worst thing that could happen: They die. In that case, I’ll just add them to the already-quite-big plant graveyard I made. No biggie!

However first: Wish us luck! 😉

For tutorials have a look here!

Update: Ok so, my two terrariums didn’t die…the rotted. Which I guess is worse in the end. But M’s are still doing well and I guess my mistake was: I should have really only added a few drops of water and not the whole syringe. Also, next time I’d take bigger glass containers as those plants grow like crazy! In case I’ll do it soon, you’ll hear about my next attempt 😉

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