I’ve always been a person who takes an endless amount of pictures (though it decreased a bit over the last years admittedly). And while I attempted and have quite a few photo albums (like: Spring 2014, Me age 0-18, Summer 2012,…) I’ve never been quite happy with the random categories. There are so many pictures being taken in just my every days life that don’t make it in those albums and consequently so many pictures end up somewhere in the depths of my hard drive and are never been looked at again.

So. Last year I came up with the awesome and unique idea (don’t burst my bubble. It was unique for me. And genius!) to make a My-VSCO-year photo album. VSCO because: All pictures I really really like, no matter what kind, end up in VSCO. And that way, they make up the perfect random collection of beautiful moments of my every day happenings at the end of the year. I had the idea around last year April so it’s not too late for you to start!

Simply go to the online photo platform of your desire (I always use ALDI since I think their quality is amazing and prices are fair. Btw ,this is not sponsored and ALDI has no idea I’m writing this), choose your preferred stile of book (I use the A5 softcover as it’s the cheapest option and nice to flip through) and start adding your pictures successively. ALDI also has the option to continually add pages to your photo book so I always start with 40 and just add however many I need.

So many cool memories! Holidays with my best friend, breakfast-mornings and Crossfit afternoons…

And at the end of the year (My last pictures last year were Christmas-ones) order it and be happy when it arrives a week later. Seriously: I love mine!

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