The weeks are flying by right now. M is super busy with work and studies and I’m trying to keep up with work, uni and keeping the flat running. (That, amongst others, means groceries every second day now. For me, that’s a lot). But, the weather is improving, I love my job and at the end, it’s all ok.

So, I just had lunch and need to dive into my uni work (for tomorrow. Eeeeks! I’m way behind…) but first I wanted to publish this little something. It’s not really a DIY or anything big, but if you accumulate washi tape like I do it might come in really handy!

I present: The most easy Washi-Tape-Storage-Option!

You’ll need:

  • all your washi tape
  • the 3€ cutlery drawer inlay from IKEA

Sort your washi tape according to taste and… you’re done!

It’s simple. You can stack the inlays!!! (Amazing for me!) And it’s an easy access option for all your tapes! Why did it take me 8 years to figure this out!?

Have fun and happy Wednesday! 🙂

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