I’ve recently discovered more and more old hobbies of mine and took them up again (blogging might just falls under that category). There is something so comforting and joyful in picking up old things you knew you enjoyed once and notice you still enjoy them. So this quilt post seemed just about right, right now, since it’s also something I did when I was younger and kind of rediscovered this year!

First of all, let me tell you I’m not a quilt-professional in any way. Most quilt-professionals will probably cringe at the way I do things but, if you’re like me, a person, who likes to have a beautiful personalized quilt but your sewing skills are mediocre (who am I kidding. We can just say they’re basic), this is the place to be!

Way back in 2009(?) I already made a quilt out of all my old clothes (T-shirt/ jumpers) I wasn’t able to throw away but didn’t want to wear them anymore either. If you’d like you can check it out here.

This time however, I wanted to tackle my huge mountain on beautiful fabric I had accumulated over the years but wasn’t really using any of them. So either way, if you have clothes you don’t want to throw away because they hold some beautiful memories or have a crazy heap of awesome fabric, get cutting and sewing with me! 😉

You’ll need:

  • fabric (here, as I already mentioned, pretty much everything works. You need fabric for the front and the back.)
  • some cardboard
  • scissors or a fabric cutter
  • a sewing machine

  1. Decide how big your squares are going to be and cut a template square out of cardboard.
  2. Start cutting! Cut the pieces slightly larger than the template (about a finger width). Once you’ll sew them you’ll need ‘space’ for your seam.
  3. I also decided to make 4 bigger once which exactly matched 4 smaller ones combined (I got a bit scared once I figured out how many squares I needed…also I decided I liked that as a pattern option :P).
  4. Once you’ve cut all your pieces assemble them in a way you like:(Sorry for the picture being so blurry but I didn’t have my camera at the time so my mobile had to do. And bad lightning. Ugh)
  5. To organize them, I used this system:The next picture might make it clearer: I laid out all my squares and then assembles little piles from a1 to h1 as seen in picture 1. So for example: 10:a –> 10:h would tell me that in that pile, all squares, starting with 10a ending with 10h, were. (Row a to h in column 10). It might be a bit confusing and if you’re fine with just sewing a random pattern you don’t have to do it but I wanted to match the colors the way I liked them best. (The blue numbers are simply there to show examples of what I would have numbered a patch. Though I only really numbered the first patch of a pile).
  6. Sew the orange, blue and green ‘stripes’ as seen in picture 2. Because then…
  7. …you can easily sew those together at the end following the order shown in picture 3.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            –  Hang in there! We’re nearly done!  –                                                                                                                                                                  🙂
  8. The last thing you need to do is choose a back fabric (I simply took a woolen IKEA blanket which happened to fit my front quilt part perfectly). Turn both fabric pieces with the outside towards each other and sew around the edges leaving a smaller opening at the end (once you got around all the way).
  9. Through this opening, turn the quilt to its right side. Now your seam shouldn’t be visible anymore! Close the opening. And if you want, line the corners with another round of a simple all-around-seam.

You can see my seam a little bit here.

And you’re done! Yay!

It might take a little bit longer but it’s a beautiful evening activity while you watch Netflix or have a phone call with friends! Happy quilt making!! 🙂

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