I recently realized that I probably went the longest time since I discovered making your own mobile cases is so easy without actually making one! I just loved the last one I made so much that I didn’t feel the need to change anything. And that means something if it’s coming from me! Anyway, I had the case for a year now and slowly you can see that it is…well a mobile case, and with that, in use every day.

For those of you who have asked how the nail polish holds on mobile cases without any fixation applied to it:I’d say pretty well! After a year of constant use there are only a couple of small areas where the nail polish chipped of a bit. Though, the case itself did gain quite a bit of a green-ish tint.

So, I had one plain case still laying around somewhere, I just needed to find it and I was ready to go! For inspiration I normally go on pinterest and look for cute fabric and patterns. I add a couple to my ‘Liked’ page and it’s normally the color design which decides the outcome.

This time, I picked the right one (though I would have loved the ones with the animals!). The pattern always goes as an inspiration but I normally don’t have the correct colors or I can’t follow the pattern 100% because, lets be honest, I’m painting with nail polish and the brushes that come with it.

I also recently had the idea to just make a hot mess with some of my favorite stickers! I have so many and normally, I can’t bring myself to use them for my calendar pages which I’ll look at for a week and then probably never again. Since I didn’t have another plain mobile case left I just used one which I had painted a year ago. (Big plus: The sticker method took me a fraction of the time compared to the time I needed for the painting process. And I really love the outcome!)

I love the little green ‘yay’. It’s all about the details 😉
There totally different but I like them both! Oh and I’ll keep you updated on how the stickers hold up since I didn’t add any foil or fixation!

So go on! Buy some plain mobile cases and get crafty 😉

Oh and I nearly forgot: a couple of weeks ago I made another case this time for my mum. Not the colors I’d have liked but she was happy with it! 🙂

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