We’ve been home now for three days and while, at the start, I was all like: ‘Uh fun, let’s get this going again’, I finally have arrived at the state where I’m just…calm. Like finally-had-a-week-off calm, and it’s-a-rainy-day-anyway calm.

So instead of diving straight into my papers (which desperately need some work to be done on!) I’m going to type down this post and sip my coffee a minute longer.

Our holidays this year were cut a bit short because of, well money (we moved this spring) and time (M’s extra studies and my school schedule). So we booked them super late and spontaneous and ended up in Copenhagen that way! (We really just picked the cutest airbnb we could find and let that decide for us where we would end up! So fun!). Copenhagen is amazing! Such a beautiful, cute, warm, friendly and lively city! And the food!!! I guess at the end our main events were some other food we also still wanted to try out! All in all: The definitley best week this year!

On to some pictures, which will have to speak instead of a day-by-day report 😉 :

We arrived later then we had thought due to SO many delays (first the train, then the first flight and then the second flight. Yay) but started our day the next morning giddy nevertheless!

The botanical gardens. Definitley worth a visit!

Apparently Hot Dogs are a thing here. And M tried them all!

We found the most beautiful Airbnb we could have asked for. It made for all those really good slow mornings and lazy evenings!

I mentioned that the food was amazing, right?!?!?

So, now I really need to start working! But I thought it would be fun to put up a little summary of the last week here. And as soon as I have a little bit of time, I have some cool projects I’m going to put up here! See you soon!

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