It all started because, way back in 2010, I had a Chinese smartphone (They weren’t really common back then) and there were NO phone cases available whatsoever! So back one really frustrating afternoon (I was in high school so I had a bit of time on my hands to get frustrated about stuff like that) I decided to simply paint it.

Half true. First thing, I went on an online platform and had them make a sticker for me. Actually I did that twice. 

I did all sort of things with my mobile phone to be exact.

I made stickers for it

I masking taped it

I made it Color-Me-Rad-proof

I made felt and fabric cases for it (There sadly is no tutorial for the fabric one, but if you scroll a bit you’ll see pictures as an inspiration)

And eventually…I painted it. Many many many different ways.

Since that’s not really hard to do here a few general directions:

  • nail polish will hold FOREVER
  • It’s easier, for example geometric patterns, to tape areas of with masking tape
  • masking tape won’t hold forever
  • tooth picks are awesome for tiny dot work!
  • Sharpies won’t work as good (They’ll start to come off.) 1.) Fixating them with spray doesn’t work! 2.) Fixating them with clear nail polish doesn’t work either (it smudges) 3.) clear transparent foil however works quite well…but it won’t last forever…eventually the sharpie will smudge too.
  • Those are some really valuable life lessons we all just learned here
  • …I like to be sarcastic….

And this is my collection I’ll keep adding to over time 😉

IMG_8967-001 cases Möglichkeiten cases1 NEU6 IMG_8970-001 IMG_9250-003 IMG_4016 cases3 cases2 IMG_3261