I’m so happy to welcome you on my page. I hope you’ll find it interesting, inspiring or simply fun to read. It’s a collection of the things I love most: Crafts, art, food and travelling around the world.

My name is Johanna (though I go by Jo) and I’m currently living in a small city in the south of Germany. I spent my days preparing for the final sprint of my bachelor, teaching elementary school, doing yoga and other sports and secretly scaling up my washi tape collection (or not so secretly. But I’m allowed to have a guilty pleasure, right?!). I’ve been blogging for several years now, though I’ve changed my blogs (according to my growing tech-skills hrhr) three times by now. Let’s hope this is the last one 😉 I’m just explaining this so you won’t be surprised when you stumble on old pages 😉I live together with my boyfriend M, secretly wish we had a cat (though I’m allergic to them) and hope to always find the positive in every day. Have fun browsing through my space here! 🙂